September 28, 2017, Minutes

Moraine Valley Annuitants Association

Annual Fall Meeting

September 28, 2017

3:30 pm, Room M-202


Attending: Augustyniak, Bauhs, Bentley, Christensen, D’Aversa, Garavan-Oskielunas, Hessler, Hodkowski, Jenkins, Kuenn, Kuropas, Kuzma, Lehner, Machon, Martig, McGinnis, Meroz, Moore, Moran, O’Brien, Phelan, Rinella, Samyn, Spaulding, Stewart, Strzelczyk, Tyler, Walsh, West.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sue Phelan.

Welcome and Call to Order:  Peggy Machon

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Machon at 3:30 pm.

IL State Representative Kelly M. Burke (D)–36th District

Representative Burke shared noteworthy topics from the State budget with the group, including a discussion of most significant expenditures (Medicaid, K-12 education and pensions) and proposed strategies to balance the budget. She also responded to questions from the audience.

Greetings from MVCC President Dr. Sylvia Jenkins

Dr. Jenkins greeted the group and thanked Representative Burke for her work on the Higher Education Committee and her ongoing support of the college.

Dr. Jenkins shared some additional remarks with the group, including:

  • The college celebrated its 50th anniversary with an event held on Saturday, September 16, 2017–Rock Solid for 50 Years. Approximately 1,000 community members attended and enjoyed the Car Show, live music, and food. A Retirement Tent was provided and retirees gathered there to reconnect and take a group photo to mark the occasion. Additionally, Dr. Jenkins received resolutions from over 20 municipalities and many of the local high schools recognizing the college’s anniversary.
  • The college will be approaching the state for permission to offer a BSN program at the community college level. Most hospitals prefer the BSN credential, but there is a lack of opportunities for students to seamlessly transition from AND to BSN programs, mostly due to limitations of clinical opportunities.
  • Additionally, the college will be asking legislators to approve capital funding for several improvements needed at the college. Dr. Jenkins noted there had not been any capital improvements since the P Building was built. Capital funds, if awarded, are earmarked for a new garage for the fire truck and ambulance used by the EMT and FIS Programs, a new baseball field ($1.2 million), and third floor renovations for the Blue Island building to accommodate BNAT and phlebotomy programs.

Approval of Minutes from Spring 2017 meeting: Sue Phelan

P. Bauhs moved and W. Christensen seconded approval of the minutes with the corrections noted.  The minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurers Report: Sue Phelan for Steve Lebre

There are three MVCCAA accounts:

A.  Regular share account/Balance: $51.91

  • Required for the other accounts
  • Earns approximately $.01 interest every 3 months

B.  Savings account/Balance: $2264.71

  • Earns approximately $.09 – $.10/month

C.  Checking account/Balance: $711.08

The MVCCAA averages $104.00 of contributions/month from SUAA. MVCCAA withdrawals average $114.00/month. Phelan noted an increase in membership would alleviate the shortfall.

Membership Report: Nancy Bentley, Jane Corradetti, Karen McGinnis, Doreen O’Brien

There are currently 224 members. There are nine potential renewals and 17 with lapsed memberships, and J. Corradetti sent reminders to renew their memberships. J. Corradetti reminded the group it costs $38.00 to join and spouses are also eligible to become part of the organization. J. Corradetti shared the difficulty in maintaining a current membership email data base; there were 25 undeliverable emails in the week of the meeting.

Representatives from MVCCAA and SUAA will participate in the Employee Benefits Fair on 10/11/17 to recruit current employees to join.

Legislative Report: Wes Christensen, Ricky Moore

P. Machon thanked R. Moore for inviting Representative Burke to this meeting. Suggestions for speakers for the next membership meeting included Senator Ed Maloney and Representative Michael Zalewski (Personnel and Pensions Committee).

Web Report: Joyce Tyler

J. Tyler reported the web site is up to date.

SUAA Report: Nancy Bentley

N. Bentley reported she, P. Machon and S. Phelan attended the SUAA Annual meeting in Springfield, IL in June, 2017. She recognized the impressive work the legal team hired by SUAA did to successfully overturn the Pension Reform Act by the U.S. Supreme Court. The fall SUAA meeting will be held at Illinois State University on October 24, 2017.

President’s Report: Peggy Machon

P. Machon reminded the membership Biometric Health Screening for retirees is scheduled for 10/04/17 (W) 8.00 – 10.00 am in D116. The deadline date to schedule a Biometric Health Screening is September 29, 2017.

P. Machon reported on the following opportunities available through SUAA:

  • New Long Term Care Insurance program; Discounted premiums are offered to SUAA members through a third party provider, TK Partners & Associates, Inc. Information is available to SUAA members on the SUAA web site under the Ancillary Benefits button. You must log in to access the information.
  • SUAA will be sponsoring a trip to the Canadian Rockies and Glacier National park. Information on the trip is also posted to the SUAA web site under announcements on the home page.


A.   Kristy McGreal, Executive Director MVCC Foundation

K. McGreal invited the membership to attend a luncheon hosted by the Foundation on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 from noon – 2:00 pm. The agenda includes a tour of the Health Science Building (B) and a discussion of plans for the Blue Island facility. Invitations will be mailed soon.

K. McGreal also indicated that there are many volunteer opportunities for retirees available through the Foundation. K. McGreal will send a survey out soon via ENews. She asked retirees to please provide their current contact information.

B.   Mary Beth Walsh, professor/Meetings, Travel and Special Events

MB Walsh proposed a trip to Sicily as a possible travel opportunity for MVCCAA members. A possible time frame is Spring 2019 and the tentative length is 10-12 days.

C.   The Year in Review was shown.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm