September 17, 2015, Minutes

Moraine Valley Community College Annuitants Association

General Membership Meeting

Thursday, September 17, 2015, Room D116 

Welcome:  President Patricia Bauhs called the meeting to order at 3:35 PM.

Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Steve Lebre was unable to attend the meeting; however, Wes Christensen presented the report.   There is a current balance of $2,314 in savings and $1,588 in checking.

Nominating Committee Report:  Nancy Bentley, Nominating Committee chair, was unable to attend the meeting; therefore, Sue Linn, a member of the committee, presented the nomination slate for MVCCAA officers for 2015-2016:  Two current officers, President Patricia Bauhs and Treasurer Steve Lebre agreed to stay for one more year.  Therefore, the slate consists of President-Elect–Peggy Machon and Secretary–Sue Phelan.  There were no additional nominations from the floor; the motion to accept the nominations carried unanimously.

Peggy Machon was unable to attend the meeting; however, Sue Linn read her greeting and acceptance of office statement.

Membership Report:  Jane Corradetti  reported current membership is 220.  She reviewed activities to promote MVCCAA membership and welcomes any additional ideas:

  • Attending the Benefits Fair to encourage current staff to join
  • Contacting employees who have received MVCC awards
  • Providing websites for joining and obtaining information about retiree benefits: 

  • Having Human Resources include MVCCAA brochure in retiree packets
  • Scheduling MVCCAA meetings on campus during scheduled 3:30 PM time slot

MVCCAA Proposed Bylaws Changes:  Kathleen Stewart and John Norton reported on suggested bylaw revisionsThe bylaws would follow SUAA’s format, but in condensed version.  The revisions will clarify the Executive Board, Officers’ duties, Election procedures, Committees, Dues, and Meetings.  Members were asked to  review the proposals on the website, and send comments to Kathleen Stewart.

Kathleen reported that she had attended a SUAA meeting in Springfield.  One speakerCarol Portman, from the National Taxpayer Foundation, commented that the budget crisis is not due to pensions, but instead is caused by Illinois’ failure to adequately fund pensions.  Members were invited to attend the SUAA Annual Meeting.

Legislative Committee Report:  Wes Christensen discussed common concerns.  He stated that currently the medical insurance for retirees will not be affected by the issues in Springfield.

College Update:  President Sylvia Jenkins reported on current MVCC activities:

  • Campus construction is expected to be complete by July, 2016
  • Enrollment has slightly decreased (down 0.9 or 2% credit hours)
  • High school dual enrollment is encouraged and has helped increase enrollment figures
  • Major concerns regarding the impact of the state’s budget crisis. Students with some grants may not be able to register for Spring.  SUAA members were encouraged to write letters to appeal for money.
  • MVCC will host the Spring League for Innovation Meeting – March 20-23, 2016
  • Community Learning Day is scheduled for September 29, 2015. Volunteers are needed.
  • Sue Linn, Executive Director of the Foundation, has retired. The Foundation holds scholarship dinners, alumni recognition, and annuitants social events.

Foundation Social Event:  Kari Pantol, Asst. Director, MVCC Foundation announced that the Foundation is hosting a social event for retirees:

November 19, 2015, 5:00 PM, U Building, Room 111

She asked for volunteers to help identify alumni eligible for the Hall of Fame.  She is looking for people who have attended MVCC and have made outstanding achievements.

Web Report:  Joyce Tyler reported that MVCCAA Minutes and Updates are online with links to SUAA and SURS, Bylaws revisions, SUAAction PowerPoint, and SUAA Constitution.  Bereavement notices are not being sent to some members.

President’s Report:  Patricia Bauhs thanked the officers and committee members for their participation.

  • She announced that there is a regional SUAAction meeting scheduled for November 13, 2015. Anyone interested in attending should e-mail Pat.
  • Historical records regarding MVCCAA are being maintained in the MVCC Library.
  • Special thank-you gift was presented to Charlotte Razor, outgoing secretary.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 PM.

The Moraine Valley Community College Year-In-Review video was shown after the meeting..

Charlotte Razor, Secretary