October 4, 2018, Minutes

Moraine Valley Annuitants Association

Annual Fall Meeting

October 4, 2018

3:30 pm, Room M-201


Attending: Balke, Bauhs, Bentley, Berrigan, Corradetti, D’Aversa, Gehrke, Gray, Hendricks,  Hessler, Hodkowski, Koscielniak, Kuropas, Kuzma, Machon, Martig, McGinnis, McGreal, Moore, Phelan, Razor, Reis, Sievers, Strzelczyk, Tyler.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sue Phelan.

Welcome and Call to Order:  Peggy Machon

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Machon at 3:08 pm.

Rick Hendricks, Vice President of Administrative Affairs

Vice President Hendricks welcomed the group on behalf of Dr. Sylvia Jenkins and provided the following updates and information:

  • Community Service Day was held on 10/02/18 (T)
  • Enrollment at the college is down 5% but graduation rates are up
  • Cook County Sheriff no longer provides training at MVCC accounts for some of the enrollment decline.
  • Campus Operations renovated the 3rd floor for the nursing program.
  • T Building was renovated to accommodate the Fire Science vehicles, i.e., fire truck and ambulance
  • Security cameras were installed all over campus, number in the 100s
  • Nissan contacted MVCC to donate cars to the automotive program and also to provide internship opportunities for students.

Approval of Minutes from Spring 2018 meeting:

R. Moore moved and J. Corradetti seconded approval of the minutes with the corrections noted.  The minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurers Report: Steve Lebre

A.  Savings account/Balance: $2317.88

B.  Checking account/Balance: $714.69

Membership Report: Jane Corradetti reported:

A.  227 members (+5)

B.  Letters were sent to service award recipients at MVCC for 20 years or more

C.  MVCC Annuitants Association had a table at the October 2018 Benefits Fair

D.  Critically important that membership contact information is accurate and up to date

a.  Members may forward corrected contact information to Jane Corradetti (corradetti1@comcast.net) OR if you have already created an account, visit the SUAA web site (https://www.suaa.org/); log in and click on the Member Access link toward the top right of the screen. If you have not yet created an account, a few additional steps are required. If you need assistance, please contact Jane.

E.  Membership is not limited to employees

a.  GSU welcomed 47 new current employees;

b.  Ran a raffle–everyone who joined received a raffle ticket and the person with winning tickets were award $50.00 gift cards.

c.  GSU membership totals 199 members.

F.  Representatives from MVCCAA and SUAA will participate in the October 2018 Employee Benefits Fair on 10/11/18 to recruit current employees to join.

Legislative Report: Ricky Moore

A.  Ricky suggested legislators are focused on talking to constituents about the election

B.  According to T. Swanson, President of the MVCC Faculty Association, Rauner’s goal is to break the unions.

C.  K. Stewart reported a meeting to discuss/inform interested parties about the state’s insurance plan was scheduled at a variety of locations, including the Oak Lawn HIlton, in Tinley Park and St. Charles; presenters are from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

a.  Recent legislation approved members may move in and out of CIP/Trail as many times as they would like as long as they make the move during the enrollment period (10/15 – 11/15/2018)

b.  Trail members may choose a PPO or an HMO as an insurance plan

i.  PPO cost: $62.00/month

ii.  HMO cost: $46.68/month

iii.  Includes dental, vision, medications and a health club membership

Web Report: Joyce Tyler

J. Tyler announced Sue Gray would be serving as co-chair with Joyce Tyler.

SUAA Report: Nancy Bentley

A.  N. Bentley and Pat Bauhs attended the No. Illinois leaders meeting

B.  Membership from the No. IL region is down a bit

a.  Discussed reamortization of the pension debt

b.  Also, SUAA reported legislators are looking at the possibility of taxing the pensions; the idea goes dormant for a while and then re-emerges; may not hear anything again until after the midterm elections.

c.  Need to be vigilant about insuring the pensions are funded; pension debt will be up to 20% of the IL State budget in 2019.

C.  Confusion exists about SUAA and unions–there is a misconception that the two organizations are one and the same. R. Moore suggested the message should be clear

D.  N. Bentley and S. Phelan scheduled to attend the SUAA state meeting in Normal, IL on 10/30/18.

President’s Report: Peggy Machon

A.  At Benefits Fair information regarding SUAA membership was shared, including:

a.  10% discount from MVCC Bookstore

b.  May enroll in classes at MVCC for no cost (limited to 1 credit class & 2 non-credit classes/year)

c.  Retiree IDs are available in the S Building

Kristy McGreal, Executive Director MVCC Foundation

K. McGreal invited the membership to attend a luncheon hosted by the Foundation on Monday, November 25, 2018 from 11:00 AM – 1:00 pm in the T Building. The agenda includes a tour of the newly renovated spaces to accommodate the EMS and FIS Programs.

Guest Speaker:  Sue Gray, Retired MVCC Director of IT Security

Sue provided the membership with strategies for securing personal information on personal devices, such as personal computers, iPhone, iPADS and social media.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm