May 7, 2014, Minutes

Moraine Valley Community College Annuitants Association

General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Members Present:  D. Arnold, R. Balke, P. Bauhs, J. Colby, J. Corradetti, V. Crawley, M. D’Aversa, D. Deitemyer, D. Fredrikson, N. Hessler, S. Lebre, M. Lehner, J. Lentz, S. Linn, K. McGinnis, M. Moran, D. O’Brien, M. Ponsford, C. Razor, B. Rys, A. Sciaky, G. Sedor, S. Sobol, N. Spaulding, K. Stewart, T. Swanson, J. Tyler, M. Wade, P. Walztoni, P. Zoeteman

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Jim Lockard

Welcome:  President Patricia Bauhs called the meeting to order at 1:35 PM.  She extended a special welcome to Dr. Crawley, new members and retirees.  She introduced current officers.

Approval of Minutes:  Charlotte Razor, Secretary, presented the minutes from the previous meeting.  Minutes were approved with correction of spelling of names under Library/MVCC section:  Maria D’Aversa and Terra Jacobsen.

Treasurer’s Report:  Steve Lebre reported a current balance of approximately $4,300, which is over $2,000 decrease from the past two years.  He stated that MVAA had donated $1,000 to the SUAA legal fund.

Membership Report:  The Membership Committee consists of Jane Corradetti, Doreen O’Brien, and Nancy Bentley.  Jane gave the following report:

  • Explanation of difference between SURS ( and SUAA (
  • Explanation of how to join and renew membership in both organizations.
  • SUAA reported to have 15,748 members, comprising 53 local chapters.
  • MVCCAA is a local chapter with 222 current members.  Membership in MVCCAA is automatic when one joins SUAA.
  • Members were encouraged to keep contact information current by updating information on the SUAA website.
  • Members were encouraged to opt for automatic withdrawal as the mechanism for paying dues ($36.00 annually).
  • Reminder–Members were asked to encourage currently working employees as well as retirees to join the MVCCAA.  Everyone should be concerned that pensions are in peril.  There are over 300 MVCC retirees; only 222 are members of MVCCAA.

President’s Report:  President Pat Bauhs reported the following:

  • The Annual Meeting of SUAA will be held June 17-18 in Springfield.
  • SUAAction, the political fundraising branch is seeking new members.
  • MVCCAA is actively seeking someone for the President-Elect position.
  • The Book Club is active; members are encouraged to participate.
  • Current Schedule for 2014-2015 MVCCAA Meetings:
    August 21, 2014; October 7, 2014; February 24, 2015; May 24, 2015.

Guest Speaker:  President Pat Bauhs introduced Dr. Jim Lockard, Distinguished Professor o the Year at NIU and President of the NIUAA.  Dr. Lockard discussed current pension legislation PA 98-0599.  He commented on the legal challenges that have resulted in multiple lawsuits by the five state retirement systems.  He noted that the SUAA lawsuit specifically asks that courts declare the law unconstitutional and notes that state underfunding is the root cause of the pension crisis.  Dr. Lockard concluded that court decisions from other states provide some reasons to be optimistic; however, since Illinois has limited funding, a possible solution may be institution of a graduated state income tax.

Proposed Bylaws, 2014:  Kathleen Stewart and Jim Lockard, both appointed members of the 12-person SUAA Constitution Revision Committee, compared the existing SUAA Constitution/Bylaws to the Proposed Bylaws.  The handout entitle Summary of New Proposed Constitution and Concerns on Some of the Changes identified why the consensus is to vote No on the Proposed Bylaws.

MVCC Report:  Dr. Margaret Lehner updated the attendees regarding current MVCC activities.

  • MVCC Fitness Center is open and successful.
  • Currently 28 people have applied for retirement.  Others may apply because of the pension situation.  Some potential retirees are waiting for the court decision.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 3:15 PM.  A social hour followed the formal business meeting.

Charlotte Razor, Secretary