March 3, 2014, Minutes

Moraine Valley Community College Annuitants Association

General Membership Meeting

Monday, March 3, 2014

Members Present:  P. Augustyniak, P. Bauhs, N. Bentley, W. Christensen, J. Corradetti, M. D’Aversa, D. Devine, E. Devine, J. Ferencak, J. Fett, S. Garstka, N. Glickman, P. Koch, M. Krajacic, A. Lindquist, P. Machon, J. Malitzke, J. Norton, R. Palagi, J. Porter, S. Phelan, C. Razor, S. Schranz, K. Stewart, L. Tiernan, J. Tyler, P. Walztoni

Welcome:  President Patricia Bauhs called the meeting to order at 1:30 PM.

Guest Speaker:  Senator Bill Cunningham

Approval of Minutes:
Charlotte Razor, Secretary, presented the minutes from the previous meeting.  Minutes were approved as written.

Membership Report:
The membership report was presented by Jane Corradetti, Doreen O’Brien, and Nancy Bentley.  Current membership was reported as 215.  Jane explained the renewal procedure.  Information on how to join SUAA is on the SUAA website,  Members were encouraged to keep contact information current by updating information on the SUAA website.  Members were encouraged to opt for automatic withdrawal as the mechanism for paying dues.  Members were asked to encourage currently working employees as well as retirees to join the MVAA.  Everyone should be concerned that pensions are in peril.

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Steve Lebre was not present.

President’s Report:
President Pat Bauhs discussed the following points:

  • The possible social activity discussed in December was deferred.  Instead the Chapter donated $1,000.00 to the SUAA lawsuit fund.
  • Pat discussed the possibility of a “Connections Committee” to foster more opportunities for socializing among members.
  • Joyce Porter suggested that as a possible social activity, members could go out to dinner after the next meeting.
  • Members were informed that lawsuits by the five groups would be filed in Champaign county.  There is a possibility the lawsuits could be combined.  Members can review the current status on SUAA and SURS websites.
  • SUAA Constitution is currently being revised.
  • SUAA Annual meeting is scheduled for June 17-18, 2014, in Springfield.  The MVAA Chapter will pay for lodging and travel expenses.

Library/MVCC Photo ID for Retirees:
Maria D’Aversa reported that the photo ID for retirees may be obtained by taking a state ID to the S Building, having a photo taken, ,then going to the Library to be placed into the system.  Retirees should contact Terra Jacobson if out of state.

SUAA Constitution Committee:
Kathleen Stewart discussed issues related to revisions for the SUAA Constitution.  Major issues being discussed involve delineating who is in charge, and regionalization within the state.  She stated that the MVAA Constitution may need to be revised after the SUAA Constitution is amended.

COLA Worksheet:
Kathleen Stewart explained how to use a worksheet that will help explain the impact of the pension reform.  Members were asked to donate one month of COLA to the SUAA legal fund.

MVAA Newsletter:
The Newsletter will be published soon.  Volunteers to work on it are sought.  Members were asked to contribute articles.

Guest Speaker:
Wes Christensen introduced the guest speaker, Senator Bill Cunningham, who discussed pension reform proposals.  Senator Cunningham, who represents the 18th district of Illinois (serving the Moraine Valley area), commented that the pensions have been underfunded for many decades.  The proposed pension reform package may be questionable on both legal and constitutionality issues.  He then responded to questions from the membership.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM.  Members then convened in the new MVCC Health/Fitness Center for a tour of the facility.

Charlotte Razor, Secretary