March 29, 2016, Minutes

Moraine Valley Community College Annuitants Association

General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, March 29, 2016, Fogelson Theater 

Attending:  Bauhs, Bentley, Christensen, Lebre, Machon, O’Brien, Phelan, Razor, Stewart, Tyler, D’Aversa, de la Paz-Kane, Glickman, Grenathe, Krajacic, Kuropas, McCauley, Porter, Scott, Spaulding, Walsh, Walztoni, Sterkowitz, and Fronczek

Welcome and Call to Order (Pat Bauhs, president):  The meeting was called to order by Dr. Bauhs at 2:00 p.m.

Approval of Minutes (Sue Phelan, secretary):  The minutes were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report (Steve Lebre, treasurer):  A current balance of $2,314.96 in savings and $1,062.19 in checking was reported.   

Membership Report (Jane Corradetti):  Doreen O’Brien reported that membership remains steady at 220.  Doreen and Jane Corradetti reached out by letter to members who allowed their membership to lapse.  Doreen and Jane also attended the Benefits Fair, but yielded zero new members from that effort.  Letters will be sent via interoffice mail to MVCC employees recognized in May 2016 for 10 years of service or more.

Communication strategies with MVCC employees were discussed, including a recommendation to emphasize MVCCAA is an organization for both current employees and retirees; several articles were submitted by Pat for publication in the Valley View and one article was published.  Joyce will provide a link to the article Never too Young to Join on the website.

Legislative Report (Wes Christensen):  Wes attended the SUAAction meeting, which is a Political Action Committee separate from SUAA.  The function of SUAAction is to seek contributions to legislative races.  SUAA members may contribute to SUAAction.  Wes also reported on various legislative activities in Springfield and mentioned that he will be meeting with Senator Cunningham and Representative Hurley in the near future to share our legislative platform.

Web Report (Joyce Tyler):  Joyce reported the website is up to date.  Approved minutes from this meeting will be posted.

MVCCAA Bylaws Revision, Review and Vote (Kathleen Stewart, John Norton):  Kathleen Stewart presented revisions to the MVCCAA Bylaws.  Most revisions were points of clarification related to the Chapter name, purpose and membership of the organization, offices of the organization and officer duties; mechanisms for amending the bylaws; and meeting frequency.  The revision to Article X specified that most communication from MVCCAA will be via email.  It was moved by Wes Christensen, seconded by Nancy Bentley, to approve the revisions as presented.  The revisions were unanimously approved.

President’s Report (Pat Bauhs):  The SUAA Annual Meeting in Springfield is scheduled for June 16 & 17, 2016.  The agenda will include discussion of pensions and insurance.  MVCCAA will reimburse gas mileage.  Anyone interested in attending should contact Pat Bauhs or one of the officers.

Insurance plans, including Advantage and dental, were discussed.

Mary Beth Walsh reminded the group of several touring opportunities, including trips embedded into coursework to Quebec (Walsh), Normandy (Fulton), and Belize (Zurawski).  Also, SUAA is sponsoring a trip to Iceland.

Pat thanked all of the officers including Nancy Bentley, Wes Christensen, Jane Corradetti, Steve Lebre, Doreen O’Brien, Charlotte Razor, Kathleen Stewart, and Joyce Tyler for their support of the organization during her tenure as President.  Pat acknowledged Peggy Machon as President-Elect.

Carole Portman, president of the Taxpayers’ Federation of Illinois, delivered a presentation on the current tax situation in Illinois.  This presentation is graciously co-hosted by the South Suburban College Annuitants Association; members of SSCAA joined the group for the presentation.