March 26, 2015, Minutes

Moraine Valley Community College Annuitants Association

General Membership Meeting

Thursday, March 26, 2015, Room D116

Members Present: P. Augustyniak, P. Bauhs, N. Bentley, W. Christensen, V. Crawley, M. D’Aversa, E. Devine, Mrs. Devine, R. Duszynski, S. Garstka, N. Glickman, P. Keehan, M. Krajacic, S. Lebre, S. Linn, P. Machon, A. Meroz, J. Norton, M. Ponsford, C. Razor, B. Rys, S. Schranz, A. Sciaky, N. Spaulding, K. Stewart, T. Tighe, J. Tyler, P. Walztoni, S. Katterman, M.B. Walsh, R. Moore

Guest Speaker: Ed Maloney, former Illinois State Senator

Welcome: President Patricia Bauhs called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM.

Guest Speaker: Wes Christensen introduced former Illinois State Senator Ed Maloney. Mr. Maloney discussed the Illinois Political Climate: 2015. He described the legislative process, referral of bills to appropriate committees, and committee debates. He commented on the major issues facing Illinois, including the budget, pension plans, and the need for more revenue. Senator Maloney then took questions from the audience and shared some interesting anecdotes.

Bauhs presented the Senator with an honorary membership to the Moraine Valley Annuitants Association in recognition of his contributions to Moraine Valley Community College and higher education in Illinois.

Approval of Minutes: Charlotte Razor presented the minutes from the previous meeting, which were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Steve Lebre reported a current balance of $2,313 in savings and $1,626 in checking.

Membership: Doreen O’Brien reported current membership as 223.

President’s Report: Patricia Bauhs reported that SUAA dues have increased, which will amount to an increase in membership dues for MVCCAA. The new dues rate will be $38, effective January, 2015. Each chapter, such as Moraine Valley, keeps a nominal portion of the total dues paid to SUAA. The MVCCAA portion amounts to $5.00 of the total membership dues.

Our chapter will hold an election of officers at our next annual meeting. In addition, she commented that the MVCC Foundation plans to host a holiday dinner in November, 2015. Pat thanked member Sue Linn who established the annual Foundation dinner for MVCCAA members.

Lastly, members were encouraged to consider attending the SUAA Annual Meeting to be held in Springfield June 17 – 18.

Web Report: Joyce Tyler reported that MVCCAA Minutes and Updates are online with links to SUAA and SURS.

Review of Proposed Constitution: Kathleen Stewart discussed the proposed constitution. She commented that MVCCAA tries to follow SUAA and comply with Robert’s Rules of Order.

Nominating Committee: Nancy Bentley, chair of the Nominating Committee, discussed the election process. She stated that newly elected officers will take office after January 1, 2016. Sue Linn and Al Meroz volunteered to serve on the Nominating Committee.

Review of MVCCAA Constitution: Kathleen Stewart, chair of the Constitution Review Committee, will review the MVCCAA constitution prior to our next meeting. John Norton volunteered to serve on the committee. The committee will also review the definition of “quorum” as it applies to MVCCAA.

Suggestions for MVCCAA Meeting Times: Consensus was to keep the 3:30 PM time and location in D116; however, avoid scheduling on days when faculty meetings are held.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:55 PM.