August 15, 2013, Minutes

Moraine Valley Community College Annuitants Association

General Membership Meeting

Thursday, August 15, 2013, Room M201

Members Present:  Augustyniak, P., Bates, V., Bauhs, P., Bentley, N., Bogg, K., Daniher, J., Devine, W., D’Aversa, M., Ferencak, J., Fett, J., Garstka, S., Hessler, N., Kardelis, B., Keehan, P., Knott, M., Koch, P., Krajacic, M., Lentz, J., Lessner, M., Lindholm, M., Lindquist, A., Malitzke, J., Moran, J., Ponsford, M., Quinn, M., Rackow, D., Razor, C., Schranz, S., Sciaky, A., Seaney, Rod, Seaney, Ruth, Sinclair, M., Stewart, K., Svara, R., Tiernan, L., Tyler, J., Walztoni, P., West, J.

Guests:  Dr. Sylvia Jenkins, President, MVCC; Andrew Duren, Executive Vice President, MVCC; Dr. Nicole Kazee, Senior Director, Health Policy and Strategy, University of Illinois

Welcome and Introductions:  President Patricia Bauhs called the meeting to order at 2:05 PM.  She welcomed the guests, introduced the MVCCAA Board, and recognized two previous MVCCAA officers present – Mavis Quinn and Joe Ferencak.

Remarks:  Dr. Sylvia Jenkins welcomed the annuitants to the campus and provided an update on the current status of the college.  She commented that funding is at same level as last year.  Property assessment is down; however, the college is in good financial state.  The new Health & Fitness Center will soon be ready.  The Chicago Blackhawks will contribute to operate the center.

Members made the following suggestions to help retirees:

1)  Provide Name Badges during meetings
2)  Sponsor an IT Workshop for retirees on topics such as:  How to Use an I Pad
3)  Include in the Newsletter information regarding ID for retirees that would prove
the person is associated with Moraine Valley, an educational institution.

Approval:  Minutes of the General Membership Meeting held on February 26, 2013, were approved as amended with name correction for Jack Leifel.

Treasurer’s Report:  Steve Lebre reported a current balance of approximately $6200.  However, our Association had not yet been billed for expenses in holding the Regional Meeting, which will lower the balance.

Springfield Update & Annual Meeting Report:  Jim Lentz provided details and information from his attendance at the SUAA Annual Meeting held in Springfield in June.  SUAA was formed and continues for the purposes of advancing legislation, serving members, and supporting social activities that benefit SUAA annuitants.  Regarding the current pension situation, he commented that the court decisions could result in adverse effects.  The current insurance can be as much as 52 weeks behind in paying providers.  Jim encouraged members to develop contacts and relationships with state legislators.  He read excerpts from a letter to the Daily Herald concerning the pension crisis.  Joe Ferencak agreed to contact Kelly Burke.  Our MVCCAA chapter would benefit from additional, active membership involvement.

Special Presentation:  Kathleen Stewart introduced Dr. Nicole Kazee, who gave a presentation entitled “The Affordable Care Act:  What It Means For You and Your Families.”  She discussed the current fragmented healthcare system and summarized the main goals of the Affordable Care Act:

  1. Make Insurance coverage accessible for the uninsured.
  2. Reduce “free riders.”
  3. Regulate/reform insurance plans.
  4. Improve quality of care.

After an informative presentation, Dr. Kazee responded to questions from the audience.

Book Club:  Vita Bates reported that the MVCCAA members are cordially invited to participate in an existing Moraine Valley Book Club that meets the 1st Tuesday every month, at noon, in the MVCC Library.  Interested persons should contact Vita for more information, or Susan Yach, librarian, for paper or audio versions of the selected books.

Possible MVCCAA Social Activities:  Members were polled for their interest in additional social activities, such as a holiday luncheon.  Members expressed interest in the activity, however, the holidays may not be the best time for a social luncheon.

Year In Review Video:  Members viewed the annual video that is presented to the MVCC faculty and staff each August.

E-Mail Training Workshop:  Over fifteen members planned to attend a training session scheduled for immediately after the meeting and focusing on the use of the new Moraine Valley e-mail system now available for annuitants.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m.

Charlotte Razor, Secretary