Our History

The founding father and first president of the Moraine Valley Community College Annuitants Association was Jim Adduci. He learned about SUAA from a contact at College of DuPage. He phoned about 12 retirees and arranged for a member of the COD chapter to talk to the group about starting an MVCC chapter in late 1995.

The chapter had no money and no place to meet. Don Manning, manager of the Moraine Valley Credit Union at the time, helped the chapter to get out mailings and provided a place to meet. By the time Jim’s two-year term was complete, we had a place to meet at the college, a small treasury, and use of the college’s reprographics services.

Howie Scheidt was the second president. He fought for and got equitable pay for retirees who returned as adjunct faculty.

Joe Ferencak was the third president. In an effort to determine why Human Resources was not doing exit interviews with retirees, he contacted Joliet Junior College, Elgin Community College, and Eastern Illinois University. He learned that exit interviews and retiree benefits were common. At the time, those benefits included:

  • Tuition waivers for credit and non-credit classes
  • 50% reduction in fees for fitness center memberships
  • 50% reduction for health screening costs and flu shots
  • 50% off rush tickets for campus performances
  • Picture IDs for retirees

Joe decided to pursue these types of benefits for MVCC retirees with the support of the Faculty and Support Staff Associations. Joe appeared before the Board of Trustees and was successful in gaining similar benefits for retirees at Moraine Valley.

John Burian succeeded Joe as president, and he brought the chapter into the technology age. He attempted to get the membership more involved with their legislators and representatives. John was followed by Dick Hinckley who succeeded in getting more members to attend regional meetings as well as the annual meeting in Springfield. Dick took a position in Texas and the chapter was left at a low point with no leadership for a year or two. Many of the original members were concerned that all the work that had been done would fall apart.

In 2008, Kathleen Stewart stepped in and took over. She got more faculty involved and built us back into an active chapter. Kathleen is followed by Patricia Bauhs, who is on her way to keeping MVCCAA in the forefront.

The current leadership team knows that it will continue to be a challenge to keep members motivated and interested in serving the association.


Written by Joseph Ferencak